Tactics On How To Attract Potential Customers: Web Design

Tactics On How To Attract Potential Customers: Web Design

  1.      Integrated Social Media

    Social media plays a very important role in this current era as many likely to have their own social media account regardless of all ages. It is a phenomenon that gives a big impact on our daily routine despite its good or bad consequences. For websites, to merge social media link in sites is beneficial as it gives big exposure to readers. By putting your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter OR Instagram could increase the level of trust that readers need and it helps them to reach out to you professionally.

    2.      Reachable Through Contacts Displayed

    Put yourself in a situation as a reader. During your free time, you decided to look up on a website. As a reader, your eyes must be wildly attracted to a website that is visually appealing, worthy content and user-friendly. Once you have explored the website, suddenly you wanted a further contact or need to get in touch with the owner. However, having all creative website does not promise a long-term interaction with the reader if you do not provide information such as email address, phone number or living address to get initial contact regarding the site. Such an opportunity to attract a customer but somehow wasted if contact information is not reachable. This will lead a potential customer to look for other website and let’s avoid that from happening by providing our information on the website so that it would be easier to reach.

    3.      Be Honest With Your Readers

    Honesty is the best policy. Everyone needs someone honest in their life and if your honesty could be the channel through websites, it could ensure permanent customers. Loyal and trustworthy are the 2 most valuable asset when you deal with people. Once you manage to gain customers trust, you will surely be getting more jobs or projects from them as you offer them confidence in work then in return, they give you trust. Viewers also would wander all around your website and find it interesting when you posted positive words and heart-warming images as kindness is rare nowadays especially when dealing with businesses. No matter what, whether it is good or bad for your website, you must stay true to viewers and the potential customers will crawl to you.

    4.      Share Your Location

    As a web designer, you must be clear about what you are doing or how you going to do it. By all means, be transparent with viewers when it comes to your website. By sharing office location, viewers will easily reach to you and estimate their journey to get to you. It is an efficient way where potential customers also acknowledge your location. Another advantage of sharing your location is when embedding Google Maps helps your website achieve a higher rank in Google+ Local business listings. Potential customers might search for Web design Malaysia and when your website ranked first on the list, your location is important to be featured in websites.